Lucid Dreaming on a snowy day

As a sufferer of sleep apnea I have my poor sleep deprived brain has been trained to remain conscious for most of my rem level sleep life.

This is something I have taken for granted for decades. Vivid dreaming and easy recall just came naturally to me.

One night recently I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time. This was quite an eye opening event. Pun intended.

Luckily I wasn’t a victim of some of the typical frightening SP scenarios that one reads about. Instead it was a an experience of an erotic nature I’m relieved to say.

Anyways. I spent the next day watching documentaries on Sleep Paralysis phenomenon and read all the studies about it. Its quite an interesting and horrifying subject if you’re ever in a “I’d rather live a nightmare rather than dream one” kind of mood.

Well my study of sleep paralysis segued into a study of lucid dreaming. I’ve spent a few weeks buried in the practice. Not the spiritual or woo woo spaghetti about astral projection. Just the vanilla practice of dream induced lucid dreaming such as in-dream awareness, reality checks, dream recall etc.

Very easy to practice without interrupting ones daily routine. In fact it requires a minimum of 6 hours of sleep each night (in order to to achieve all 6 sleep levels) so its sort of a healthier lifestyle.

I began using my CPAP device again a couple days ago as my blood pressure has been getting kind of high lately. So 6 hours of sleep is a snap. Not to mention that the psych cocktail of the week prescribed by my shrink is Trazodone. Sleeping soundly is not on my checklist of health deficiencies as of late.

Looking forward to exploring more about this natural talent of mine in 2015.